Watering Instructions

Water your newly planted tree or shrub by using a slow, deep-watering method. B&B and container grown plants dry out faster than the soil around them. It is important to monitor the soil moisture around them. Slow watering attains deep water penetration, which encourages root development. Plants need about 1” of water per week during the growing season. There is no universal formula for watering plants. A good rule of thumb for trees, shrubs, or newly planted beds is to water 3x per week for two weeks, 2x per week for two weeks, 1x per week for two weeks.

Estimated Amounts

  • Trees: 5 gal. per time,
  • Shrubs: 2 gal. per time,
  • Perennials: 1 gal. per time.

You must pay attention to conditions at all times — some soils dry out faster than others. Plants will wilt when they are too dry, but it is better not to wait for that sign. Plants can also wilt due to hot weather or transplant shock — it is always best to monitor the soil by poking a finger into the soil under the mulch or use a soil probe to check moisture. Too much water can also damage plants.