Plant Warranty Policy

Trees and shrubs are guaranteed through the first growing season.  Any claims must be received by October 31st of the current year. All claims must be accompanied by the original receipt, the original plant if possible, or a picture of the plant.  We will do a one time, ½ price replacement of the same plant –no labor included. We do not warranty annuals, perennials, bare root materials, or vines. There is no warranty on sale merchandise.

Plants are living things and require proper care. This is the buyer’s responsibility. Pinter’s warranty is voided if a plant fails due to improper planting, inadequate watering, overwatering, animal or machinery damage, or acts of nature. (Drought, winter kill, etc.)

Recommended Products

We recommend these products to help your plants thrive.  Please ask our garden center staff for assistance.

  • Bonide Root & Grow Plant Starter
  • Milorganite Fertilizer
  • Jacks Classic Fertilizer
  • Always Read and Follow Label Directions