Since 1998, Pinter's Garden & Pumpkins has been delighting both residential and commercial customers with our exceptional landscape designs and installations.

Our team of professional, experienced, and knowledgeable landscaping staff is passionate about creating breathtaking outdoor havens. With our no-cost estimates, we'll help you kickstart your outdoor landscaping project and guide you every step of the way until we've crafted an outdoor masterpiece you'll cherish for years to come. Whether you dream of a stunning patio, an inviting outdoor kitchen, or a cozy outdoor fireplace, your yard transformation awaits.

Don't let water and drainage issues dampen your enthusiasm. Our crew has the perfect solutions, whether it's a new retaining wall, irrigation system, or strategic plant bed placement. Say goodbye to those problems and hello to a flawless outdoor space.

Let us turn your backyard into the envy of the neighborhood.

Outdoor Seating available at our garden shop

Outdoor Living

Garden Design

We believe in spending as much time outdoors as possible. Lazy nights spent nestled around the fire with family and loved ones are always the best. That's why we offer everything you need to relax and enjoy being outdoors all season long.

We carry an impressive line of weather resistant outdoor patio furniture, Adirondack chairs, fire pits, outdoor lighting, and accessories for turning your backyard into a destination. Visit Pinter's Outdoor Living Center today and let your imagination run wild.


Plants, Retaining Walls, & Walkways

Pinter's has been setting the standard in quality landscape installations for nearly two decades. Why? We suspect it's because of our attention to details. Or because we staff our crews with reliable, courteous, dedicated professionals who care about doing the job right as much as you do. You don't have to do the heavy lifting yourself in order to achieve the perfect end result. We'll put the muscle, sweat, and craftsmanship into your next project.

Irises and other flowers in garden
Petunias in garden planter

DIY Projects

Patios, Outdoor Fireplaces & Kitchens

We get it- landscaping is a fun pastime for many Do-It-Yourselfers. So we're happy to share tips and give you guidance for your outdoor projects. Pinter's makes it even easier by carrying "DIY Kits" for outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor barbecues, brick pillars, patios, and more. Visit us today to learn more about DIY made simple.


CRP & Riparian Buffers

Conservation efforts

Pinter's is committed to preserving our environment and proudly partners with the National Resource Conservation Service. Together, we plant trees in our wetlands and work to protect our natural buffers. Contact us to learn more about conservation.

Greenery in garden