Pinter’s Gardens and Pumpkins’ Holiday Appreciation

Pinter's Gardens & Pumpkin's lighted display at Holiday Lights 2023

As the holiday season winds down and the new year is upon us, there’s a deep sense of gratitude that fills the air at Pinter’s Gardens and Pumpkins. It’s not just the twinkling lights or the aroma of freshly baked goods that create this feeling—it’s the incredible support and community spirit that we’ve been fortunate to experience.

This past holiday season was nothing short of magical, and it’s all thanks to each and every one of you who visited, supported, and shared in the festivities with us at Pinter’s Gardens and Pumpkins. Your presence, your smiles, and your enthusiasm lit up our world more brightly than any string of holiday lights ever could.

Speaking of lights, we’re immensely proud to have been a part of the local Holiday Lights drive-through display, supporting the incredible work of Helping Services for Youth & Families, a nonprofit organization close to our hearts. Together, we illuminated the nights with dazzling displays and spread joy throughout the community. To relive those beautiful moments, we’ve embedded a Facebook reel showcasing our display below.

It was heartwarming to see families driving through, sharing laughter, and creating unforgettable memories. Your participation and contributions towards this cause made a real difference, touching the lives of those in need and spreading the true spirit of the season.

As we step into the new year, we at Pinter’s Gardens and Pumpkins want to extend our warmest wishes to each and every one of you. May this year be filled with joy, prosperity, and endless opportunities for growth and happiness. Let’s continue to support one another, foster community bonds, and create moments that make our town a wonderful place to call home.